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Marriage is the most important pillar of Vedic Dharma.

पत्नी त्वमसि धर्मणा अहं गृहपतिस्तवः

The word dharma is in the centre of this mantra in order to bind both the nouns that refer husband and wife. The groom states here

“If I am the husband and you are the wife, it is for the sake of dharma and not for beauty of for wealth.”

Therefore in the Vedic Dharma the words pati (husband) and patni (wife) always have the qualifying word dharma, such as dharmapati and dharmapatni. The roots of the sanskrit words pati and patni has the same meaning "to protect". Pati means protector and Patni also means protector. The question arises, to protect what?

Well, it is simple. Both the words are preceded by dharma, which naturally refers to the protection of dharma. There both, husband and wife, pledge to protect dharma. When man found that being alone he was weak for this task, of Protection of Dharma, he sought the help of a woman and made her a Partner. In this way it becomes the duty of the wife to realise that it is her responsibility to help her husband, in carrying out the vows of his dharma. When the King Janaka offered the hand of his daughter Sita to Shri Ram he said

इयम् सीता मम सुता सहधर्मचरी तव

Meaning: This my daughter Sita will carry out the duties according to your dharma."

Thus the relationships depending only on looks and wealth do not become permanent, only those based on Dharma alone are permanent.

Children who have been nurtured in Vedic Environment of Arya Samaj find it almost difficult to adjust in families who do not follow the Vedic Dharma. This causes unhappiness for both wife and husband alongwith their families. To avoid such situations, the Arya Families remain in search of suitable match from Arya Families for their eligible family members.

To fulfill this long pending demand, Delhi Arya Pratinidhi Sabha (under the aegis of Sarvadeshik Arya Pratinidhi Sabha) developed this Online Solution of Arya Samaj Matrimony. Eligible members of Arya Samaj Families can register themselves on this website and find suitable life partner who is also nurtured in an Arya Family.

Needless to mention that membership of this website is reserved for family members of Arya Families.